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Sell More Products and Services with Testimonials

Testimonials are all-important to sell anything. You may already have testimonials for your new book and service, but do you have testimonials for other promotional pieces?

Next time you check out a Web site, notice the testimonials. Testimonials imply approval and recommendation. It’s great to have them for your product, even your service; yet, most professionals don’t use testimonials for the most important marketing tools–the ezine, the article, and the teleclass.

The Ezine

Does “Subscribe to my ezine” motivate you? To draw your target market’s attention, you need to title your ezine and add a short benefit-driven description. Just like a guru recommending a book, you’ll reap far more subscriptions when you add a testimonial.

Ezine subscriptions doubled in just one month for “The Book Coach Says” when the Web site added a ezine testimonial from Dan Poynter, self-publishing guru, “Book writing and marketing nuts and bolts–definitely worth your time.”

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