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Ten Unusual Products You Can Use As Bonuses

1. Offline Directory – Create an online directory of
offline resources. You could include names, phone
numbers, addresses, etc.

2. eBook Of Reviews – Publish an ebook of stuff
that’s related to your target audience that you could
review like products, web sites, movies, etc.

3. Round Table Chat – You could schedule a group
chat of people your customers would want to meet
and talk to on the Internet.

4. Intelligence E-mail Alerts – Allow your customers
to sign up to an e-mail alert list. You can alert them
when you find out news that could affect their life.

5. Statistics eReport – You could compile a report
of different statistics that’s related to their purchase.
It could be surveys, tests, special studies, etc.

6. Personal Notes eFile – Collect notes that you’ve
taken about your industry and compile them into a
downloadable file.

7. Profile eBook – Publish a profile ebook or report
of people your target audience are interested in. You
can list their birthdays, interests, age, hobbies, etc.

8. E-mail Lessons – Teach a class via e-mail about
a subject your customers want to learn. E-mail them
study materials, worksheets, assignments, etc.

9. Sample Of Another Product – Give customers a
free sample of another product as a bonus. It could
be a basic version, excerpt, limited service, etc.

10. To Do List Or Instructions – Publish a list of
instructions or things to do in order to accomplish
a goal your customers would want to complete.

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