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Other People's Products Can Make You Rich

Although there are advantages to selling your own
proprietary products and services, there are also
drawbacks. For example, the time and investment
required to produce your own book, invention, or other
product could mean a long delay in receiving profits
and cashflow essential to your business survival.

For this reason, you may decide to sell other people`s
products and services, either exclusively, or to
complement your own product line.

You could stock an entire retail store with products,
buy a franchise or other business, or obtain a
distributorship or dealership. However, this could
require a substantial financial investment.

Here, then, are just a few, low-cost ways to profit
from selling other people`s products and services.

1. Commission Sales

Act as a sales representative or agent of a company
and sell their products or services for a percentage
commission of the sales price.

Many companies on the Internet offer associate or
affiliate programs that you can join to earn
commissions selling their products and services.
Sometimes you can even make money from the efforts of
other affiliates who sign up through your website.

Thus, without having a product of their own, some
persons are earning their sole but substantial income
from affiliate programs.

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2. Consignment Sales

You can take other people`s products on a consignment
basis, making your commission when you sell the item.
Many second-hand shops, arts and crafts stores, and
other retailers operate this way.

You can also sell products of others through Internet
auction sites such as eBay or Yahoo! Auctions.

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3. Drop Shipping

You could buy inventory wholesale and try to sell it
retail, but what if it doesn`t sell? Even if you do
sell, do you really want all that money tied up in
stock? For these reasons, many businesses use drop
shipping as a method of doing business.

Whether from your home, retail store, directly from
your website or through an online auction, you can
arrange to sell an item before you purchase it. That
way you have nothing invested in inventory and won`t
get stuck with stock that won`t sell.

For example, let`s assume that you have just sold a
product to a customer for $100.00 plus shipping
charges of $15.00. Having received the customer`s
payment, you now need to e-mail or fax your order to
your drop ship supplier. You will need to pay your
supplier your cost of $50.00 plus $15.00 shipping,
leaving you a $50.00 gross profit. Your supplier
will now ship the product to your customer.

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4. Finders` Fees

Did you know that you can earn fees simply by
introducing buyers and sellers?

For example, a mining company may need to buy certain
hard-to-obtain equipment for their operations. You
could negotiate a percentage finder`s fee for finding
this equipment for them.

Conversely, you could also obtain a finder`s fee from
a company that is trying to sell off their excess
machinery but is having difficulty finding a buyer.

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5. Joint Ventures

Joint venture arrangements can be profitable. As an
example, you could arrange to feature someone else`s
product in your e-zine or newsletter in return for a
commission, even if they don`t presently have an
affiliate program.

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The above list of low-cost ways to make a profit from
other people`s products and services is by no means
exhaustive. However, it certainly illustrates that,
with some effort, other people`s products could make
you rich.


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