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Profit from Your Own Information Empire!

Would you like to profit from your own information
empire? Here are a few ways of doing so.

1. Book Distributorships

For free or nominal consideration, you can obtain book
dealerships which allow you to sell books and other
information products. For example, you can buy books at
a cost of fifty percent of the selling price. In many
cases, you don`t even have to stock the product; your
supplier will drop ship it for you.

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2. Affiliate Programs

Many excellent information products are available from
companies who offer affiliate programs. Thus, by
simply referring your customers to them, you can earn
generous commissions.

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3. Reprint Rights

You can receive reprint rights to some excellent products
for prices ranging from free to very expensive. These
products can then be resold online or offline as an
additional profit centre.

Some of these information products with resale rights
can be branded with affiliate program links so that you
can earn additional back-end commission income.

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4. Self-Publishing

Another way you can grow your own information empire is
by self-publishing. This involves producing your own
information products. You could start by writing a
special report, folio, or booklet. Then, you could
expand your product line to books, audio and video
cassettes, CDs, correspondence and online courses, and
many other products.

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By applying these suggestions, you, too, can profit from
your own information empire!


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