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eBay – Profiting With Books By Janette Oke

Janette Oke is a Christian writer whose books about life, love, values and faith have a huge following among women today. Each of her Christian books for adults falls into one of six different series she wrote. These are:

    Women Of The West
    Love Comes Softly
    Canadian West Saga
    Season Of The Heart
    A Prairie Legacy
    Song Of Acadia (the books in this series were written with T. Davis Dunn)

While they show up at FOL and AAUW book sales, they are most often found at garage sales. They won’t find them at every garage or yard sale you visit, but spend a morning on the yard sale circuit and you should come home with several of her book and not have paid more than $.50 for any of them.

You will find a lot of these on eBay but nearly all are sold as single titles and that’s a big mistake. In order to make the cash register ring for you with her books you should buy them individually or in groups, hold them until you have a complete series, and then sell the series as one auction.

All information and pricing is for soft-cover editions which are by far the most common.

Here’s a list of the books that make up each series:

Women Of The West Series (12 books)

    The Calling Of Emily Evans *
    Julia’s Last Hope
    A Woman Named Damarus
    Roses For Mama *
    They Called Her Mrs. Doc
    Measure Of A Heart
    A Bride For Donnigan
    Heart Of The Wilderness *
    The Bluebird and The Sparrow *
    A Gown Of Spanish Lace *
    Too Long A Stranger
    Dreams Of Change *

* These six titles were re-written, with the same titles, for young girls (age 10 – 14) and published as the Janette Oke Classics For Girls Series. When buying these six titles be sure to check which series the book actually belongs to.

I’ve never found the Classics For Girls series to be a big seller and pass them up when I see them. You can try them if you’d like to though.

Love Comes Softly Series (8 books)

    Love Comes Softly
    Loves Enduring Promise
    Loves Long Journey
    Loves Abiding Joy
    Loves Unending Legacy
    Loves Unfolding Dream
    Love Takes Wing
    Love Finds A Home

Canada West Series (6 books)

    When Calls The Heart
    When Breaks The Dawn
    When Comes The Spring
    When Hope Springs New
    Beyond The Gathering Storm
    When Tomorrow Comes

Season Of The Heart Series (4 books)

    Springs Gentle Promise
    Once Upon A Summer
    Winds Of Autumn
    Winter Is Not Forever

A Prairie Legacy Series (4 books)

    The Tender Years
    A Searching Heart
    A Quiet Strength
    Like Gold Refined

Song Of Acadia Series (5 books)

    The Meeting Place
    The Sacred Shore
    The Birthright
    The Distant Beacon
    The Beloved Land

This last series continues under the name Heirs Of Acadia, but Janette Oke was no longer one of the authors and it isn’t nearly as popular. It’s the Janette Oke name that sells these books.

Mrs. Oke also wrote a series of 12 early readers for children called Janette Oke’s Animal Friends Series. It’s also a good seller when sold as a complete series. It’s made up of the following titles:

    The Impatient Turtle
    The Prodigal Cat
    Spunky’s Dairy
    This Little Pig
    New Kid In Town
    Prairie Dog Town
    Trouble In A Fur Coat
    Maury Had A Little Lamb
    Pordy’s Prickly Problem
    A Cote Of Many Colors
    Who’s New At The Zoo

Here’s some pricing information for each series from the last several months. The prices shown are the averages each series sold for.

    Women Of The West – $36.78
    Love Comes Softly – $42.17
    Canadian West Saga – $13.19
    Season Of The Heart – $12.03
    A Prairie Legacy – $14.38
    Song Of Acadia – $37.14
    Animal Friends – $38.63

As you can see some series are more popular than others, but as long as you don’t spend more then .50 each per book you will make money with any of them. Just list complete series, start them at $9.95 and let the bidders run them up.

Each of these series was also sold as a boxed set. If you find a set with it’s box it will usually add a premium to the the final price.

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