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Book Summary: Mind Your Own Business

A maverick is an independent person who will not go along with the other members of a group (Oxford ESL Dictionary). This book provides priceless stories and insights from a maverick of the business world; an exemplary business leader who prefers not to follow orthodox beliefs in business, nor be eaten by the hyped up ideas of the present. Instead, he chooses the course of action that is appropriate for the changing times.

The Maverick’s Way: New Old Thing

What is effective? This is the question answered by the maverick. He reconciles the good things from both the Old and New times, and focuses on what is really effective in confronting the challenges of 21st century business dealings.

A maverick thinks outside of the bed, knows that it pays to be daring, does not allow technology to tyrannize, finds strength in diversity, maintains balance and harmony among people, sets leadership by example, has a strong ethical base, and values employees and customers. A maverick knows his customers and believes strongly in his products.

To a maverick, a company is a not just a big candy store. It is a living instrument with living human beings. It should have a HEART.

Keys to Leadership

The leader leads. He exercises critical judgment, which will have a great impact on his people.

The leader defines the company. The leader’s responsibility is to explicitly present and advocate the company’s purposes and goals.

The leader inspires. He gives sense and meaning to the job. He makes his people realize, that beyond profit there is an underlying meaning, value, and deeper reason for the work they do.

The leader should be the evangelist. He should be able to exercise his influence, to sell the values of ethical conduct.

The leader must see the company as a coherent whole. He should be aware of the diversity in the company and bring this together to promote the whole.

The leader must know that there is no better way to create a family in the workplace than to encourage the family at home. Harman International introduced the anti-domestic violence program in the company, which reinforces the idea that the company cares.

The leader should never underestimate the value of disciplined hard work.

The leader empowers subordinates to do their jobs. He should institute programs for the guidance and training of his people. He should always keep the lines of communication open.

The leader promotes closure. He should know the right time to get things done.

The leader knows what he doesn’t know. The leader is not afraid to ask clarifications, if he does not understand a particular subject.

The leader knows the meaning of two minutes. He should respect the time of others and that of his own.

The leader teaches.

Above all, the leader develops others. As Lao Tzu advanced:

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