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Best Books 2004 Author Captures Hearts of America's Youth

Raven Publishing, Inc. announces: Best Books 2004 Awarded to the Starlight Series ~Author captures hearts of America’s youth, relating to today’s real-life moral dilemmas in a western portrayal: heartache, triumph, losses and joy combine to illustrate that through perseverance one can make dreams come true.

Norris, MT~ Growing up in America today is not easy. Youth face life-changing issues and are required to adjust to constant changes. Single and displaced parenting. New marriages. New families. Adoption. Peer-pressure. Teenage angst. Racism. Heartache. Triumph. Loss. Joy. Love. Suspense for what life will bring them. The desire to persevere to see their own dreams come true. Weaving it’s story into this fabric of daily life comes the highly acclaimed Starlight Series that young teens and those that care about them directly relate to and identify with. Proclaimed by readers of all ages as stories they cannot put down, these books have a positive impact, cultivating a love for reading and instilling important ideals.

Although set in the world of horse lore, Miranda and Starlight (ISBN 0971416141), the first of the series, was touted by Writer’s Notes Awards panelists as

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