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Create a Dream Office You Will Love

All business owners create their niche in the world of free enterprise. They plant their steak in the American dream; however, the basics are the same for everyone. You must have advertising, you must take care of your bookkeeping, and you must acknowledge you employee’s needs. It all stems form one central point in your business, your office.

In order to keep those creative juices flowing, it is important to have an environment that is conducive to your business spirit. Your business spirit is how you see yourself in the business world. Sounds deep, doesn’t it? It simply means your office should be unique to your needs and it should reflect your personality as well as being practical. Once you put those three characteristics into play, unique to you, reflect your personality, and practical, then you will be assured of having your dream office.

It can safely be assumed, if you are small business owner you spend more time in your office than anywhere else. The following information will help you to have the office you love.

Some planning is necessary to get to where you want to be. You must asses what your needs really are. Ask yourself the following questions?

 What type of storage is needed?

 What type of space do I have to work with?

 Are there things in my office that work well for me already?

 What items do I need to have easy and fast access to?

 What colors really do it for me?

 Can I consolidate my office equipment?

Those are few questions that will help to get you started.

The next step is inventorying your office to see what you are missing. You may require additional file space. In that case you need to add file cabinets to your list, at the same time keeping your space limitations in mind. Don’t be afraid to sketch your dream office on paper.

Now comes the good part. Repaint your office with your favorite colors. Make working in your office an enjoyable experience for you. Rearrange you workspace to be practical, but make sure you include things you love. That could include family photos, your mounted fish (the one that almost got away), the plaques you received for achievements and memberships, and your favorite paper weights. The ideas are endless. Make it your space. Just because it is an office doesn’t mean it can’t have personality.

On the technical side, you must have up to date equipment and required office supplies on hand at all times. Imagine printing several booklets at one page per minute verse 20 pages per minute or even waiting for your bank statement to load on your computer. Are you using dialup internet access or DSL? I won’t get into the technical terms, but the point is, you need to have state of the art equipment to get the job done in an efficient manner. That does not mean going out buying the most expensive equipment. Once you know exactly what your needs are, stick to your guns and get equipment to fill those needs. Expansion is an important consideration, but make sure you are realistic.

Your office furniture also needs to ergonomic meaning it needs to be conducive to your body type. Is your computer monitor at an angle or directly at eye level in front of you? Is your keyboard so high up you look like you are waving to your monitor? If it is, you need to lower it so that your arms are in line with your elbows. Can you rest your feet in a comfortable position? Is your chair adjustable and comfortable? All your furniture should be tailored for you.

A great way to make sure you have the office of your dreams is to get reorganized. Clear your files, purge your databases, restock your supplies and get rid of items you no longer have a need for.

Don’t know where to begin? Well great ideas are lurking everywhere. You can get great ideas for magazines, TV, the internet or your best friends, to die for, office.

Don’t limit yourself. You can change the look of your office at anytime. If you feel your time should be better spent making money, than outsource. There are companies that specialize in helping you have your dream space. Take the leap and have what you’ve dreamed of, your very own fantabulous office.

Elizabeth Hall, owner of Smart Office Help, Inc., offers ways for your business to save valuable time and money, by providing administrative and bookkeeping services to busy business owners. Contact Elizabeth Hall at 407-884-7755 for your personalized consultation. Sign up for your FRE*E Business Success Newsletter on our website

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