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A Simple Plan To Market Online – Earn Money Instantly!

So you want to make money online but you dont have your own products and have no marketing idea. I will give you a simple solution to your problem.

1. You Need a product to sell
The first thing you need to do is to find a with niche market. My suggestion is to sell digital product like software or ebook those are the easiest product to sell online.

I will pick a product for you to help you understand the concept. To sell an ebook software Go to
Join free the affiliate program there. Once you joined you will get you own unique affiliate URL. Save the URL in your notepad. That’s the URL you will promote. (No Cost)

2. You need to promote it.
Use google to promote the product easily. Google is the most used search engine and we all know that the traffic is the highest quality as it’s targeted traffic. Use the Adword service. Setup here:

To activate the account only will cost you $5. You will need to write your own ad and choose the keywords for the product.

Okay now to sell the software just pick ebook software as the main keyword and now go to:

And type the keyword “ebook software” you will get another several alternative keywords to use for your campaign.

You will also need to setup you maximum cost per click, I suggest just use $0.05-0.10. The idea is that google will show your ad and per click you will be charged as the cost that you have setup first. This way you will only pay if the google send you a qualified prospect.

For the software you can use this ad:
Headline: Easy Ebook Creator
1st line: Create Professional Ebooks
2nd line: With Ebook Cover Only $19.97
URL: (your Affiliate URL)

3. Monitor your campaign and make adjustment where necessary. You can edit your ad and add another keywords for the campaign.

Okay that’s all the plan. That’s the simple plan you can start applying it.

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