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Who Is Wallace Wattles and Why Is He One of My Mentors and Heroes?

Who is Wallace Wattles? Wallace D. Wattles died over 90 years ago so how can he be one of my mentors and heroes?

I had been studying the works of some of the most famous self-improvement ‘gurus’ of recent times and several of them mentioned the book ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’ as the starting point of their own success.

After doing some research on the internet, I came across a brilliant site where I could download a beautifully presented pdf version of the book for free.

I couldn’t believe how short and sweet the presentation of Mr Wattles message was. His work seems to have been the basis from which all the more famous and recent experts sprouted. He even preceeds Napoleon Hill and ‘Think and Grow Rich’!

Over the years I had been developing my own system for achieving my lifes goals by cherry picking ideas from the authors I had read. The conclusion I was slowly coming to had been reached and written down almost half a century before I was born!

In Wallace’s own words, “…if there is a particular book you need to read it will be placed in your hands at the right time.” How right he was.

How many light bulbs went off in my head? 5/5

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