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Top 7 Techniques For Generating Subscribers To A Newsletter

Imagine you are sitting at home relaxing reading a book and sipping on ice cold lemonade, your friend calls you up to tell you about a new product on the market.You can’t help but get excited because you know your subscribers will be interested!

After signing up for the products affiliate program you send a recommendation of that product to your subscribers and instantly net yourself some cash just by pressing the SEND button! Not only that but your customers actually say ‘Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!’ Does this sound like fun to you?

If it does then read below, as this is the Number 1 marketing strategy you need to implement to be continuously successful online.

Start collecting email addresses today.

Even if you don’t have a website up and running I want you to call everyone you can think of who would be interested in your niche and write down there email address (This doesn’t mean calling up people in the Yellow Pages and asking them, unless you enjoy having people scream in your ear of course).

Below are my Top 7 Techniques to boosting your opt-in rate starting with the most obvious.

1. Place a ‘Subscribe To My Newsletter’ at the top, side and bottom of your webpage, even your articles and copy should have a mention of your newsletter in them somewhere. This may seem obvious but it is surprising how many people have newsletters but only promote them on their home page.

2. Include the ‘Benefits of Subscribing’ to the newsletter, rarely do people sign up to a newsletter without knowing what is in it for them. For example you could write ‘Sign up to my free newsletter to learn all the latest cutting edge secrets and techniques for building a castle out of cards’.

3. Give your visitors an ‘Incentive to Sign Up’ like a free ebook or a discount on products. Nothing works better than an incentive, give your subscribers something free only after they have confirmed their email address with you. Make sure your incentive is related to your niche (There is no point giving someone a discount on cars if you sell dog shampoo as there is a good chance they are just signing up for the discounted cars and have no interest in dog shampoo).

4. Place a ‘Privacy Statement’ next to the sign up box for the security-conscious visitors who come to your site. This reassures them of your intentions with there contact details and will also show that you respect your subscribers privacy.

5. Use ‘Viral Marketing’ strategies to turn one subscriber into five. This is simple, give the subscriber something for free or a further discount on a product or service if they refer four of there friends who may be interested in the newsletter as well. Suddenly you have turned one subscriber into five!

‘Why Five?’ you ask?

Well I have tested this and have found that people often have more than one email address and they (thinking that they are smart) type them in instead of there friends. Trouble is the average person only has one or two email addresses. So after they type in there own they are then forced to think about there friends for the last two.

6. ‘Co-Registration Partners’ are a fantastic way to build a subscriber list! All you need to do is search on Google for web pages that are on similar topic to you and email the owner about setting up a co-registration with that person. When someone fills in their details to subscribe to your newsletter you add a checkbox underneath that asks if they wish to sign up to your partner’s newsletter also. Remember there is no such thing as a competitor on the web just potential joint venture partners!

7. Pay a ‘Co-Registration Service’ to generate you subscribers in exchange for cash, my personal recommendation is Nitro List Builder –, the only problem is the subscribers aren’t that quality and you have to be prepared to spend some cash. There are ways of making this list warm up to you, but i’ll dive into that next time.

After implementing these techniques I can guarantee you plenty more subscribers, I can not stress to you how important building a list is on your website. I want you to implement one of the above today and contact me after a week to see if your subscribers have increased.

Have a great day!

At only 17, he sold his successful e-commerce business to focus on helping other people to effectively market their products and services on the internet.

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