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Meaning and Marketing – The Trigger

In previous articles under “Meaning and Marketing”, we have
learned about the verb “To Be” and that the name of God is

Stephen Hawkings, the world’s greatest mathematician, and author
of several books on science and the Universe, was more or less
a bum during his university years in England and some years
thereafter. I think he liked to drink.

Everybody knew he had the GIFT and so did he. He just wasn’t
using it. But then he contracted Lou Gehig’s Disease and that
got him moving.

What was the difference? Hawkings now faced a MUST and for him —
he knew — it was now or never. And this MUST has kept him
amazingly alive for many years.

Hawkings was facing a Moral Imperative!

Scarlett O’Hara in the book and movie, “Gone with the Wind”, is
another example. However, she didn’t have a MUST, not really. She
manufactured one. Her’s and Margaret Mitchell’s words will ring
out forever – – “By God, I’ll never be hungry again!”

Or did she say, “I’ll never eat radishes again!?”

Her link was “Tara” – the Land. But, of course, her link was more
than that. It was Ashley Wilkes. She could care less about Rhett

Whatever her true links are, they were extremely active in her
conscious and sub-conscious will and Scarlett literally storms
the gates of Heaven with her demands and I AM is impressed.
So are we.

Never mind that she is a louse. In the end she will find her true
SELF and, to her amazement, her true love — Rhett Butler. So
will you.

If you don’t face a MUST, you can always manufacture one — if
you want to, as Scarlett did. Don’t be fooled. She could have
gotten by on radishes, pinto beans, and settled for much less,
as most of her neighbors did after the Civil War. She could have
lived a very ordinary and miserable life for herself and future
family. But that’s not what she wanted, was it? That’s not what
she willed.

A MUST is a Moral Imperative. It’s now or never. You’ve got to get
moving and you know it.

What is it you want? Why were you born? What is your destiny? You
can only know and find out by allowing your “wheels to hit the

Your Domain is —

This is the same as —

(See Article: “Meaning and Marketing: The Links”)

Now let’s pretend YOU ARE 10 pounds of Pure Uranium and fashion
you into a perfect solid ball about 5″ in diameter and let’s
surround you in an amazingly well fortified container and pack
you in a powerful explosive.

When the explosive is triggered, the force of the explosion will
be directed inward and not outward and compact you at all points
a fraction of a second about 5 tons per pixel. The Chain Reaction

is then ignited within the sphere of YOURSELF. After that, it’s
10,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit in all directions.

Now this is an almost infinitely tiny explosion compared to our
Mrs. Patricia Smith (“Eye of the Storm” Article) whose body plus
the Door at the speed of light squared was the size of a proton
with a mass of 239lbs. I AM used her to fashion a brand new
universe. What will I AM do with you?

Do you and I really have that kind of power? Yes, we do, if we
gain weight.

But what seems impossible physically is always possible in our
WILLS and in our Imaginations – if we want it to be. And that’s
all it takes.

Go ahead. Deny yourself your WILL and your Imagination. But to do
so is an excuse, and an excuse is always immoral. And so many
people choose to be immoral: not having any direction, meaning,
or purpose, and so they just get by from day to day. That’s all
they do. It’s a smart, safe, but a sad way to live.

So if you are in the category of someone who wishes to live by
your Will and Imagination — and I am assuming that you are
— what are you going to use for your explosive material?

Use your Links! I have dozens, even hundreds. Here are some of
my links and I am showing you this just to show you what a link
looks like:

“The King of the Golden River” by John Ruskin, a short story which
I read in the 2nd. grade;

The death of Ben in Thomas Wolf’s book, “Look Homeward Angel”.

Task Force FAITH on the East side of the Chosin Reservoir in the
Epic Korean War Battle, Nov. 27 to Dec. 8, 1950.


“Moll Flanders” – a model of endurance and true character.

“Solaris” – You will know the price of LOVE.


“A Banquet of Voices”, The Cambridge Singers
“Vivaldi Concerti” and Baroque Trumpet Music, Nimbus Records,
Nimbus Records #7012

My own real life stories:
The Roller Derby
The Horseshoe Tournament
The Fat Man at the Swimming Pool
The Mile Run
The Penny – (3 very recently found)

People – My Heroes…
I have dozens and so do you. But how about this one for

Special Numbers that have meaning only for me:
$17.01 & $21.01 (the ladder added in the last week)

Etc, etc, etc…

There is a story behind all my Links. These are the very best
kind of Links — the ones with a story behind them, from your
very own life.


Look for your own, find your own – anything that has special
meaning for you and that empowers you. Open your eyes.
They are everywhere!

Surround yourself with YOUR links to your past and present and
use them as explosives to blast yourself to a much better future
for you and your loved ones. Click on any one of YOUR OWN links
and your will and you should arrive at the same place: YOU and
your Destiny.

Click on these links and you should arrive or ought to arrive at
your Ultimate Link:

You don’t believe in GOD? Then just pretend that God is the verb
“To Be” and think of God as the way you use the verb “To Be” and
all words in your language — as the way and the means you use
to communicate with others. Therefore, every time you use your
language, you will be acknowledging it’s true Source.

If God — I AM — is anything, S/he is communication. Therefore,
let us not fail to communicate. After all, this is what Marketing
is all about, isn’t it?


The Trigger is your Moral Imperative.

What is a Trigger? A Trigger can be one of two things:
(1) Someone or Something that royally angers you.
(2) Someone or something that has exhilarated you and brought
to you a very special JOY.

When Jesus of Nazareth grew up in Galilee, he looked around him
and saw plenty to anger him. And it is the same with you and me.
When we look around us, what do we see and what do we care about?
And do we not feel a similar anger sometimes?

But we can use our anger as a trigger, as many great people have
already done. There are dozens of causes that elicit our anger.
Choose one and go with it and use YOUR anger as the Trigger.

But in truth, the ladder (No. 2 — Joy) may be the best kind of
trigger because it has more force and power and you might
as well “go for the Gold” in your trigger. This is what many
artists have done. Goethe is just one example.

Unfortunately, LOVE as a trigger has to do with “Unrequited Love”,
as in the case of Scarlett O’Hara, but it is one of the most
powerful and energizing forces in the world if you want to make
use of it. If you don’t make use of it, it can destroy you.

Whom or what have you lost that you cannot recover? Instead of
investing your life in sadness and regret and sometimes suicide,
turn all that energy around and use it as your Trigger.

The only way you can recover what you have lost is by reforming
yourself, by re-imagining yourself. When you find your true self,
you will have recovered, not only what you have lost, but also
much more. You will be and shall become a New Creation.

Your point right now is not to succeed, but to begin. To begin,
you must have a Trigger — a Moral Imperative — and the best
Trigger is unrequited love.

But if
you don’t have that, unrequited love, then the other kind
will do.

Don’t be fooled by Scarlett O’Hara. When she was reaching for
the gold, she was mostly reaching for Ashley Wilks. She had a

double trigger! She had two triggers. She had both kinds.

Now that you have your TRIGGER — — it’s time
to take cover with your compatriots in your foxholes, to join
hands, and to pray.

Who is there to pull the Trigger? YOU ARE. Use your WILL.

(See Article 3: “Meaning and Marketing: The Will”)

It’s now Six Trillion, Trillion Degrees and the force of the
blast is moving at speeds that trouble the imagination…

(See Article 2: “Meaning and Marketing: The Eye of the

Have a good life. Find yourself. In finding your TRUE SELF, you
will find your TRUE LOVE and the world in you and around you will
never be the same again.

Who knows? Your Unrequited Love may even come to visit you, but
only after you have made some money, a whole lot of money. And
then, if you want to — but I hope you will not want to — you
can tell him/her where to go.

You are a Network Marketer. You do want to make alot of money,
don’t you? Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that what you WILL?

If not, then why are you in Marketing?

Since your are in Marketing, you might as well go for the Gold.
If it was good enough for Scarlett O’Hara, it’s good enough for

And besides all that, I have some “loves” to recover. Don’t you?

Go ahead! Pull the Trigger! Begin!

The best way to read this article is in sequence with the other articles in this series under “Meaning and Marketing”: (1) The Hurricane; (2) The Eye of the Storm; (3) The Will; (4) The Links; (5) The Trigger

“The Sorrows of Young Werther” by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe,
Intro by Michael Hulse, Penquin Literature;

E=MC(uppercase2), a book about Einstein’s most famous mathematical formula

Paul Snell lives with his wife, Jean, and younger son, Steven, and their dog Blackie in Lexington, NC. He is a former minister in the Presbyterian Church USA and has been in Network Marketing full time since 2002. Paul, at the age of 61, has recently been diagnosed as Bi-Polar with A.D.D. as a minor component. He, with the encouragement of his great mentors at the Power Shift Loop, is an advocate for the treatment of mental illnesses — all kinds, including substance abuse.

He may be contacted at

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