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Make your Book Stand Out From the Crowd: Know your Audience

Most authors say, “Everyone will want my book, and when I take it to Oprah, it will sell millions, and I’ll make millions, too.”

Not exactly true. If you are writing a book you need to know your specific audience. This gives your book its unique selling point. Writing for your target audience focuses your writing and gives your book a great advantage because you know and can communicate your unique selling point. (USP). Now, your book will stand out from the crowd. Although everyone won’t buy it, it will sell more copies because your targeted book buyers really want your message.

How do you know who your audience is?

The biggest mistake most authors make is that they don’t write for their one preferred audience. If an audience is “everyone,” the book doesn’t have an angle. Without a focus audience, it has too much competition among other popular authors. The “Dummy” books have done well because they have one particular focus–beginners.

Know your audience inside and out through the “Audience Profile.”

What do they look like? How old are they? Male? Female? Age? Baby boomers? Seniors? Entrepreneurial? Corporate? Are they middle or upper class? What kind of work do they do? What is their income? What do they spend discretionary time and money on? Where do they live? What books and magazines do they read? What values and attitudes are reflected by those books? What are their interests, hobbies, and values? Are they Internet savvy? How much will they be willing to spend on your book?

What challenges do they face that they want answers to? Are they business people, retired people, over 50? What radio shows do they listen to? What TV programs do they watch? What do they do with their free time? What events do they attend? What organizations do they belong to? What causes do they support? Are they Internet savvy? What kinds of sites do they visit and bookmark? How many of them are out there to sell to? What do they want? Need?

Go to your library or Internet to research just how many people belong to your audience. Ask for the reference books that have census and other information. All agents and publishers will want this information from you to include in your book proposal.

Even if you publish this book yourself, do some market research. Research can help you with numbers: 45 million readers read new age books; 65 million baby boomers and 60 million seniors are out there. They buy online, too. Think of one segment of these groups your can write and market for: New Age newly divorced-age 50 and up; senior women creating a new career at 60; Baby boomer working mothers who want healthier food for their children.

By writing a book with an angle, you will attract your preferred audience because your whole book is devoted to answering its concerns.

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