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How To Use a Message Sequence to Increase Your Sales

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in over 3 years of
web marketing, it is this: you *must* follow up with
your visitors.

The statistics are very clear about this: the 1st
contact produces 2% of sales, the 5th to12th contacts
produce 80% of sales.

I knew about this for years but didn’t act on it.
Then, about 8 months ago I wrote a 5 Day Email Course
about my eBook (Ezine Writer) and offered it to my

The response was amazing – my sales almost doubled.

This is how it works:

When visitors leave the index page of my website, a
popup appears inviting them to join my newsletter.

When they join, they also receive a free subscription
to my 5 Day Email Course, which is delivered by
sequential autoresponder.

But there’s an important detail here. You don’t want
the popup appearing when your visitors click on the
‘order’ link – it distracts them and you could well
miss a sale.

So the popup has to be designed so that it *doesn’t*
appear when the order link is clicked.

You do this by including an ‘exit=false’ tag within
the order link. You can get the code for this – and
for the popup – at:

The next thing to do is set up your Message Sequence
on sequential autoresponders.

There are two ways of doing it – you can use a
web-based service or you can install a script on your

I use a web-based service (aweber) – mainly because my
web host doesn’t allow mailing scripts of any kind.

Here are two of the best-known web-based services:

If you want to avoid monthly fees, there are sites
that offer free sequential autoresponders (but they
will insert their own ads in your autoresponse):

The advantage of a web-based service is that
everything is done for you. The downside is monthly
fees and a limited number of follow-ups (you can get
more, but you have to pay for them).

The second method is to install a script on your
server. Here are some scripts that give you unlimited

The advantages of a script? You have no monthly fees
(just a one-time payment for the script) and you get
unlimited follow-ups.

So, those are the tools you need to deliver your
Message Sequence.

Writing your Message Sequence is quite an art and you
may need some help. Here is an excellent short

That’s it! All the info you need to double your
conversion rate.

Michael Southon has been writing for the Internet for over 3
years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use this
simple technique to build a successful online business. Click
here to find out more:

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