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How To Protect Your eBooks From Piracy And Copyright Infringement!

eBooks, or electronic books, mean big business for all aspiring writers. Not only can eBooks be sold in their own right as standalone products, but eBooks are fast becoming the weapon of choice for marketing gurus!

Many business owners and webmasters pay writers to write eBooks for them. Writers spend hours, days and weeks researching material and writing the eBook. But for writers, business owners & webmasters alike, there is often little in the way of protection in place that stops unscrupulous operators from stealing eBook content. Shockingly, 4 out of every 10 eBooks offered for sale on the Internet are pirated. Material from legitimate eBooks are taken without the owner’s knowledge, and passed off as original content every single day!

I should know…I was a victim!

I have written and published 5 eBooks on various topics in the past year, the content of which has all been stolen and used as original copy on other people’s web sites. The sad thing is, MANY OF THE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS DO NOT REALIZE THEY ARE DOING ANYTHING WRONG!

US Copyright law, and for that matter, most copyright laws around the world state that as soon as a book, e-book or other material is published, the author has immediate & full backing under copyright infringement law. Unfortunately for many writers & publishers, placing a ”

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