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Avoiding Information Overload

Maybe you have an online business up and running or maybe you’re just thinking about starting one. In any case, you probably spend a fair amount of time surfing the net for affiliate opportunities, resources, software, etc.

Most likely you run into lots of advertisements for e-books, marketing courses and e-zines all promising the chance to learn secrets no one else knows about, all promising your sales will skyrocket.

Those ads used to make my mouth water! So, I found myself constantly purchasing ebooks and subscribing to e-zines and e-courses. Do you know what happened? My head was soon swimming from all the advice. After all, there is only so much information one can digest at a time. I allowed myself to slip into information overload.

I’m not knocking e-books, e-courses or e-zines. After all, that’s a large part of what I offer. Truth be told, there’s a lot of wonderful information out there.

However, whether you’re new to the Internet or a seasoned marketer you need to give yourself time to digest concepts BEFORE you can implement them.

Here’s what I suggest. Find one e-book, one e-zine and e-course you’re interested in. As you read through them, think about the ideas conveyed and make sure you understand all the terminology. Think about how you can carry out the steps outlined and then apply what you’ve learned. Do this BEFORE buying another e-book, or subscribing to another e-zine or e-course.

Personally, I find it easier to zero in on a single item but if you can concentrate on more than one publication, go for it.

You might find that the material you selected isn’t meeting your needs. It could be the information is too advanced or maybe not in-depth enough. In that case, you could then move on to something else.

You can avoid the confusion that results in information overload by focusing your energies. Gathering, understanding and applying the information you need to build a successful online business will take time. So, be patient with yourself.

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