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How To Choose a Good Piano Teacher

First we assume that you intent to hire a private piano teacher. Advantages of doing this over attending classes at a school are numerous. Most piano learners end up employing a piano teacher, and if you are serious, you should too.

Piano teachers have different approaches, but most piano instruction advances in grades, from grade 1 to grade 8. Books are labeled according to grades, but teachers often recommend additional books or songs tailored to specific student abilities and tastes.

How important are the Piano certifications?

You may be under the impression that piano teachers must have music degrees, piano diploma or music teaching certification. Actually this is not necessary. If you are a beginner, look for someone who has at least a grade 7 to teach.

A good piano teacher needs more than adequate certification. Practical considerations like him staying near you house is also important.

The most important qualities

Personality, experience and interest in teaching are also crucial. Sometimes, a student and teacher don’t mix. It’s a matter of matching personalities. If a kid is miserable because of the dislike of the piano teacher, don’t continue with that teacher. Your kid might end up losing interest in learning piano.

Typical costs of learning piano starts from $100 every four lesson of 45 minutes for beginners. That is a part-time piano teacher’s price. A full time teacher would cost more; in the region of $140.

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