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Finally Revealed: The Top 7 Resume Killers?

During my job search I read dozens of books and articles took programs and even

sat at the feet of two of the most experienced Human Resource professionals. In a

few moments, you will learn the real keys to standing out and rising above the

norm. Stick to the facts and only reveal information that will encourage the reader

to call you for an interview. If in doubt, leave it out. Pay careful attention to this one.

The objective is no longer a practical heading for your resume. Bottom line, don’t begin your resume with an objective statement that talks only about your desires and career goals. Most Human Resource Professionals are overworked and understaffed. The last thing they care about is what you want.

HR Professionals are working to meet tight deadlines and desperately want to hire that extra person to make their lives easier. When they look at your resume, they want to know one thing: how will you simplify their lives?

Rather than an seeminly selfish objective, create a powerful profile summary that demonstrates how your skills and their needs fit.

Review these sample profiles.

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