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Why Your Business Need a Website

Web Presence gives your business a distince edge over your competitors, especially when you want to expand your current customer base.

For exmaple, if Jane wants to find a real estate agent but she does not know who is the best in her area. Then she goes to the yellow book to find out the potential agent she wants to go to. If you have a website address besides you name, she will go to your website to find out whether you are the best agent for her.

A web presence alows your potential client to get to know you and your service better than a small ad. This in turn means a confident and less riskly feeling about making a decision to have a business with you. If your competitors do not have such kind of web option, you are in a much better postion to win customers.

2) You can build good relationship with customers by sending them your expert newsletters or articles. Turn your site into an information resources, the trust and benefit you give will help you generate more customers

3) You can generate income from global visitors

Think Local and think Global!

If you want to find out which resource is reliable, and can help you build a successfull website without knowing HTML at all – pull more profits for your business, you can visit the resources page at Or visit They both offer online website builder which reqires no HTML knowledge.

In addtion, search engine comes to local already. Google and Overture have added local search function already. If you are not on thier search list, you miss a lot of potential customers.

Web presence is affordable, just less than $1 a day, you will get unlimited income and benefit!

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