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When The Words Won't Come

Terrifying thought, isn’t it? It has been known to happen to all writers. I’m not talking about writer’s block, nothing as severe as Stephen King’s character, Mike Noonan, in Bag of Bones where he turns on the computer and actually throws himself from the screen (okay, it may not be a computer, been years since I read that book, but I’m sure those who’ve read it know the scene). Nothing that bad. Yet the time will come when the muse (sexy goddess of words) will decide to take a day off.

Now this day off, will most likely be your day to write, a date set aside in your leather bound diary; the wife and family are off to the beach, you’ve carried your laptop up to the attic, given the attic key to a trustworthy neighbor and they’ve locked you in. Ain’t no escape from that glowing screen.

If you have followed Laymon’s rules of writing (list of eight available at HWA website) and you paid strict attention to rule number 3, paragraph titled: A few helpful hints… section number 5, where he suggests to follow Hemingway’s advice: Stop at a point where you still know what’s coming next, so the next day’s writing can start up easily. Then it’s most likely, that this article is not for you.


It can happen, any time, anywhere

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