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Techniques and Tactics For Nymphing

Just like dry fly fishing, there are many, many ways to fish a
nymph. Which one you should use really boils down to how skilled
you are in nymph fly fishing and what you are attempting to catch
and where you are doing it. Make sense? Probably not, but let’s
move forward to give you some idea on the different nymphing
techniques available when fly fishing.

This e-book goes over the easiest method for beginners to use.
The more effective Dead Drift Method is covered in a bit.

Nymph Fly Fishing Technique : Beginner Method

This method of fishing nymphs is probably the easiest for any
beginner to use, and is certainly a good way to get introduced to
nymphing in general. This nymph fly fishing technique, which
involves casting the nymph directly across the river and then
letting is float all the way down to a point on the river
directly below the angler, removes many of the problems of nymph
fly fishing for the new anglers.

The beginner method of fly fishing with nymphs is quite simple.
First, just cast your nymph directly across the stream from where
you stand. Then, let the fly float down the river, keeping the
line tight as it floats away as well as following the fly with
your fly rod. Eventually, the nymph will be at a point directly
downstream from you.
This is the point you want. Due to the current, here the nymph
will begin to

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