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Quiz: Will Online Book Marketing Help Sales?

Most authors sigh a sigh of relief when they finish their book. Then comes the awesome task of marketing the masterpiece.

You may choose the traditional route–to give talks, write press releases, or do book signings. While good up to a point, your bigger sales are through Online book marketing. Will you be successful in this arena if you know nothing? A little something?

Use these 10 questions as a guide to know what book you’ll want to investigate and invest in to widen your selling success.

1. Do you consider yourself a “newbie” on the net? “non-techie?” If so, are you willing to spend some time and money on learning the best ways to promote your book online from teleclasses, one on one coaching, or group coaching? It takes a few exposures to such skills as writing articles and submitting them to free opt-in ezines.

2. What are your resistances to learning Online book promotion and marketing? Right now, write down some of your resistances to both marketing and marketing on the net. Maybe the time to learn, the cost to learn, and the final cost to implement. Remember that smart people delegate and you can too.

3. Do you know the old adage for business insanity? Keep doing what you are doing and you’ll keep getting the same results! While we don’t want to change, Bill Gates says there will be two kinds of businesses in the 2000’s–The ones who use e-commerce (check the non techie sales letter here for the exact quote.) Write down one or two goals or changes you are willing to make to sell more books Online.

Three years ago your coach knew nothing! Cajoled and coaxed by savvy friends and associates, she leaped over her doubts and created a business so successful, she can travel when she wants as well as remodel her home and buy a new car.

4. Do you write two or three major marketing goals down in the pages of your organizer and look at them each day? Remember the payoff of these goals. You don’t just want to make money. You want to make enough money so you can take that needed vacation, send your kids to college, or buy that long needed car.

5. Do you practice at least three “high-level” activities each workday on your main marketing goals? If not, start writing down three each day in your organizer. Don’t distract to other projects until these three are finished.

6. Do you write your “high-level” activities down in your organizer the night before, so you can get a running start in the morning? Let your subconscious work on your goals all night while you get your needed rest. No more worrying and by morning, you’ll be yelling, “Eureka! I’m stoked on Internet Marketing.”

7. How disciplined are you with your book being a success? Remember that discipline is to stop doing what hurts you. How are you wasting your valuable time, not doing what will give you big rewards? Write down one or two self-destructive habits you are willing to stop 2 or 3 days a week. Remember the payoff–you’ll be getting your valuable information into the hands of more people who need and want it.

8. Are you easily distracted and keep pushing important to do’s to the next day, next week, or next month? Treat your book as a business and know the wonderful rewards of being known by many as the savvy expert, earning the money you deserve, and enjoying an easy path of lifelong income. You’ll soon stop talking on the phone to much, and start depositing those many checks and credit card orders.

9. How much time are you willing to put into learning how to do Online marketing each week? Once you learn a little, you’ll see the great results and how easy it is to implement this easy and fun way to share with others. Thousands and more Online users are waiting to buy your book. They surf web sites and sign up for free ezines for free information they need. Your book’s topic will please them, and it takes so little time!

10. Are you organized? Do you have all the parts you need to market and promote your book in files you can find in a minute? We waste over 150 hours a year looking for important paper. After I hired my low-cost computer assistant from a local school, I reduced my workload over half and can find anything in a minute because Erica does all my computer filing. More time to play–and that’s another plus.

Bonus: How’s your money, honey? It’s best to set aside marketing money and time each month. When lean times come, you can keep going just like the bunny. When you operate a business without this important tool, you’ll stay in kindergarten. As soon as I spent marketing money from $200-$700 a month, my book sales skyrocketed far above my investment.

Once you get aware of what needs to be done, and you are willing to take a baby-step, your book will keep on helping others as well as yourself.

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