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How To Deal With Airport Stress

Your flights booked, and now it’s airport time. Airport’scan be stressful places nowadays, and these tips aredesigned for stress reduction…

* Leave home early

Airport stress starts the moment you leave home. Don’t sitin traffic watching minutes tick away. Aim to arrive atthe airport two hours early (usually required forInternational flights). Then if there’s traffic delays,you’ve still got plenty of time.

* The check-in Line

Now you’ve arrived, next step’s check-in. Usually, there’smultiple lines you can choose from. Which looks quickest ? Maybe the longest line is quickest ? Here’s a couple tips.If you see lots of families and children in a line, avoidit. By the time they’ve found all their tickets, andsorted their luggage jumble, they’ve taken twice the timeof a couple or single person.

Look for a short check-in line that’s not easy to see. Lookat each end of the check-in aisles, and maybe there’s avalid check-in hidden by a pillar, that few people see.Happened to me just recently, and cut a half hour off mycheck-in time – a half hour I spent relaxing in the bar.

* How long to walk from lounge to gate ?

Maybe I should publish a guide to ‘walk-time’ at differentairports ! I’ve walked anything from 2 minutes to 20minutes after a call to Gate.

Ask at check-in. It’s an important question. When thatscreen flashes ‘Go to Gate’, it’s much less stressful ifyou know how long you’ll take to walk there. All your goodwork of stress-reduction goes down the tubes if you walk 5minutes and then realize your gate is way the other side ofthe airport terminal.

Sometimes you even have to go through more security, oranother passport check, and find a line waiting there. Ionce travelled out of Spain, and this exact same thinghappened. A long passport control line stood between meand my gate, where departure was scheduled just 15 minuteslater. Luckily myself and 5 others decided to go right tothe front and explain the situation – no one objected to usgoing thro first.

But try to avoid this un-necessary stress by checking inadvance.

* Invest in the Executive Lounge

If you travel often you might get free entry to an airportexecutive lounge. If not, you can often pay a small amountto use it. The ideal low-stress airport experience beginsin the executive lounge. Away from all the airport hustle& bustle, relax with free drinks and nibbles. Read anewspaper or magazine and you’re soon in just the right,relaxed frame of mind for your journey.

* Nervous ?

Don’t feel embarrassed to be nervous. A lot of people arenervous of flying, but you know it’s much safer than yourcar journey to the airport. If you can’t use an executivelounge, then there’s a couple other options to reduce yourstress. Try shopping ! Yes, retail therapy can help takeyour mind off your nervousness and stress. No need to buyanything – just wander around looking…

Follow the above tips and you’ll have a relaxed and stressfree airport experience, all ready to enjoy your vacationor business trip.


“How To Deal With Airport Stress”

– by Neil Stelling B.Sc, MBA- Marketing Manager, DigiLectual Inc.==>–airline–

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