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How to Attract Wealth

Have you been struggling with making ends meet? Are you tired
of not having enough? Then I am sure you will benefit enormously
by reading on…

A few months ago, I came across a book that really impacted
my life in a very profound way. I have been an avid reader
of self-help, personal growth books, tapes, workshops… you
name it, I’ve done most of them. I am truly commited to my
self-awareness and self-improvement. But for some reason ( or
higher source) this book especially spoke to me, to my soul.

What attracted me to it, other than the wise words, was that
it was written by a woman. But what most impressed me was
that she wrote these increadibly eye-opening concepts
100 years ago! I just couldn’t believe that under such limiting
circumstances (married at 14, divorced mother of two by 20,
working single mom and without the right to even vote!) she
was able to pull herself up and build a loving family (re-married),
start a very successful business and tour the country
as a lecturer, teacher, and healer.

So, through her difficult experiences she has left us a true
understanding of what life is really about: loving, healing,
sharing, teaching, embracing, acceptance,
living in spiritual abundance, and yes, wealth.

From her writings I have come to understand the
true meaning of “wealth”. I hope you enjoy and
embrace her words into your own life.

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