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Authoring an eBook in 10 Basic Steps

Become an eBooker! *

Authoring a book, specifically an eBook (electronic book), is easy, affordable and profitable. Share your expertise and experience with an international on-line community of learners.

Fulfill that dream of yours to write a book and become a published author. Take that workshop you’ve written and presented, take that unit of study you’ve produced, take that wish that there had been a book about something when you needed it most and convert that need into an eBook for others to use and enjoy, take that interest or hobby and convert your personal experience and professional expertise into an instructional eBook for other to enjoy, share your love of a topic with others to encourage them to share your joy or support them in their quest for further skill development, use your experiences to get someone else ‘turned on’ to what you have been enjoying for years, provide the attitudes, skills, and knowledge for others that will help them do a better job,

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