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"7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!" Part 6

Secret #6: Creating momentum and identity through
Book Sellers!


99% of them were wrong when I asked this simple question.

Who are the best eBook Sellers online today?

The answer I received from most of my ezine list was

Well here is the good news. is not the only
bookseller on the Internet.

Today at first glance things can be rather confusing.
Booksellers or e-publishers are popping up all over.
Each one seems to bring a new twist to the profession.

Electronic publishing is an industry that is still in its
infancy. It encompasses eBooks, as well as print-on-demand
technology. Many new innovative companies have been
attracted by the exciting possibilities and as a result
there are numerous competing companies, software formats
and accompanying handheld readers and printer/binders.

In this new “Wild West” of publishing, with multiple reading
choices and no clear leader or standard yet established,
confusion reigns for consumers as well as publishers.
However, much as we have witnessed in other maturing
industries, the competition is fierce, resulting in rapidly
improving technology, dropping prices with emerging standards.
The purchase price of eBooks could be as much 80% less than
a comparable book purchased through traditional bookstores.

It used to be you submitted to a traditional book publisher
and waited to see if you were accepted. Today, there are
all kinds of choices to become familiar with.

Now before we begin let’s narrow down the field a little.
There are 3 different types of booksellers that I am
referring to.

The first is an online bookseller that you need a publisher
to contact before they will look at your eBook.

Second is a bookseller that charges a royalty percentage to
sell your eBook.

And last but not least, an online bookseller that will sell
your eBook for either a flat up front fee or for free.
This means you retain 100% of the profits from your eBook sales.

Today we will be talking about the third, or the last example.

Why use online booksellers is probably what you are asking
yourself right about now.

Here are the answers:

1. Books written by the Author never go out of print.

2. Authors can write what they want without formulas being

3. Crossing genres isn’t a problem.

4. All profits are kept and not shared.

5. eBooks can be changed and/or updated easily.

6. Authors have a global audience.

7. Increases your online identity.

8. Builds momentum for your sales.

Now, once again you also get to keep 100% of the profits
from your eBook sales. WOW!

Compare those figures to the normal print royalties: 7%
on 50,000 copies for trade paperback, 8% on the first 150,000
copies for mass market paperback, or 8% to 15% on 15,000
copies for hardcover.

Another great advantage of this type of booksellers over
print books is that you always retain complete rights to
your title and your agreements will be non-exclusive
(meaning that you may also sell your work through other
publishers). Either party may terminate the agreement by
using a thirty-day email notification.

Once again this short article is an excerpt from my new eBook:
eBook Marketing Secrets Revealed. Inside you will find
numerous low fee and/or free eBooksellers listed for your
convenience. To jumpstart you on your way today, here are
two booksellers I recommend you try right now.

Well that’s all for today.

Happy selling!

Bluedolphin Crow

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