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Tracking Reveals The Rest Of The Story

Tracking is one of the most important tools you can use
to discover exactly what’s happening to anything you do on
the internet!

Tracking gives you vital information about your links
clicked, website pages visited and ebook downloads.
And…which of your ads give you the best response, sales
and profits.

Tracking is simple and easy to set up and use. It only
takes minutes to set up each tracking link and counter. It’s
available on many autoresponder and hosting services.
charge you a one time fee, others charge a monthly fee.

You’ll discover your readers interests, because, you’ll
know which links, ebooks, website pages they click on the

You’ll track EVERY aspect of your advertising to determine
what’s working. You’ll know which ads bring you the most
subscribers, sales and profits, saving you time and money.

You’ll know what interests your readers… Ebooks you
value and enjoy, may not be the ones your readers
Links and websites you recommend may be of no interest
uour readers. Tracking helps you give readers more
links, ebooks, software, resources and websites.

Tracking Tells The Story! And… It’s easy to use!

Here’s two tracking resources you can visit…

Tracking is a part of their unlimited autoresponder and
hosting services…

A lot of valuable tracking information here…

Now… it’s time to get TRACKING!

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