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Roping In Loyal Customers While Making An Extra Profit!

You’ve probably bought a book or two at one of the major chain bookstores. When you’re checking out, you get asked if you have the “discount card.”

The card is not free. It usually cost 10 bucks or so.

But you get a 10% discount on most of your future purchases so it always seem like a good deal to me. If I buy at least a hundred dollars worth of stuff in the next 12 months, I’m at breakeven. If I spend 200, I’ve saved an extra $10.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how the exact numbers work out for the stores, but I absolutely love this concept.

Here’s why:

First, most people are buying less than one hundred dollars during their first purchase. Obviously, you get a discount on that purchase if you buy the discount card at the same time.

Let’s say you’re spending 20 dollars so you save 2 of those. Your net cost is 8 dollars.

And the store has an immediate profit of 8 bucks!

If you never ever show up in that store again, they’ve made a huge profit.

Second reason: Presumably…whenever you think about going to buy books in the future, you’re going to think that it’s pretty stupid if you buy books at any other bookstore. That means you return to the store to spend more money.

The bookstore wins again because (a) you came back and (b) you’re spending still more money!

Of course, the bookstore is not doing anything wrong and this can be a real benefit to a frequent shopper.

My point in this message is that you should think about some way that your business can use this idea. How can you get people to join your club for a fee and then get valuable discounts whenever they come back and shop with you.

As marketers, we need to constantly be thinking about how we can copy the strategies that we see working in other businesses and apply them to our businesses.

A mistake that many people make is thinking that their business is different so the marketing rules change.

Not so! The principles of marketing are universal and apply to all types of business in all countries.

The savvy businessperson continues to study and apply these principles to constantly increase their profits!

I expect to see you in Atlanta in October. You’d be crazy to miss my free conference!

Yours in success,

Shawn Casey

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