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Resell Rights Power

The Quickest Way To Have A Product To Sell On The Internet

Creating a product from scratch that you can sell on the
Internet will take some time to do.

Writing a book, for example, can take weeks or months to
complete. If you’re not a writer, or if you’ve never
written before – this can be a daunting task. You will
either not start, or abandon it halfway.

However, you can instantly get a book to sell and keep most
or all of the money you generate from it if you can find an
author willing to sell you resell rights to his book. This
is rare, but you may be lucky enough to find a few that you
really like.

I’m using a book as an example here, but it can well be any
product. I use books because of its awesome power of
duplication that suits an Internet Business perfectly,
especially when they’re in electronic form (e-books). More
on this duplication and leverage principles in upcoming
issues (hang on to your seats, it’ll BLOW your mind!).

Resell Rights can come with the product together (which
means that you buy the product, and you can immediately
resell it), or you can buy it separately from the product
(which means that you buy the product, and then the resell
rights to it so that you can resell it).

Either way – you can now have an INSTANT product by just
paying for the resell rights. Then all you concentrate on
is setting up your Internet Business, and marketing it to
your Prospects.

You’ve cut short your time by weeks or months in not having
to create a product of your own.

Resell Rights

Books with Resell Rights usually come in 2 flavors:

1. Basic Resell Rights

Here you have the right to resell the book to your
Customers, but your Customers have no right to resell them.

2. Master Resell Rights

Here you have the right to resell the book to your
Customers, as well as the right to resell the Basic Resell
Rights itself to your Customers. Your Customers who buy
both the book and the Basic Resell Rights can then resell
the same book to THEIR Customers. Sometimes Master Resell
Rights are bundled together with the purchase of the book

This means that you don’t have to pay separately for Master
Resell Rights.

Depending on your objectives, either type of Resell Rights
can be suitable for you. If you don’t want to have too many
competitors, Basic Resell Rights is the right one for you.
If you want to have many competitors, then Master Resell
Rights is right for you.

It boggles the mind of some people who can’t understand why
anybody would want to create more competition for himself.

The simply answer is this – the more competition you have,
the more money you will make! I reveal this totally amazing
concept in my awesome Mini-Encyclopedia at which contains eye-popping, jaw-dropping and heart-stopping information on 19 different Killer Internet Business Models as practised by TOP Entrepreneurs from around the world.

Discover what to do, step by step, and what tools and
software you require to get your Internet Business up and
running without having to waste your time and money doing
the wrong things, from the beginning.

I’ve spent 9 years creating it, and it actually formed part
of my full 4-day Boot Camp that my attendees paid up to
$2,000 each to attend. At only $97 WITH Master Resell
Rights as a bonus to it – this means that ANYBODY can buy a
copy, and they can immediately resell it – as can their
Customers,and their Customers’ Customers, and so on.

As I’ve mentioned earlier – the more Customers you have who
can resell this Mini-Encyclopedia, and the more Customers
THEY have who can do the same thing – the MORE money YOU
can make!

Buy it now and find out how this is accomplished!


Warm Regards,
Sen Ze

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